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7/13/14 - 6th Annual Fun Fest @ Bayview Park
Brant Beach, NJ

What a day our 6th Annual FunFest at Bayview Park, Brant Beach, LBI turned out to be. The day started out with somewhat threatening clouds hovering overhead, however by late morning, the threat of rain dissipated, the sun came out and, more importantly, some really healthy southerly winds started to build for a great afternoon windsurfing session.

Volunteers from NJJWWA started to arrive at Bayview Park around 9.00 a.m. to find local windsurf instructor extraordinaire, Jack Bushko from Island Surf and Sail (ISS), already setting up the beginner rigs which he would use during his morning novice windsurfing clinics. Some of our member volunteers helped Jack to rig while others set up the registration table/tent and refreshment station. Due to a scheduling conflict, Tom, who had taken the lead at these events for the past few years, was unable to attend. Thus, by somewhat of a trial by fire, our new Events Chairman, Jacek AKA JP stepped up to the plate and took upon the roles of chief organizer, orchestrator, and registration official for the day’s events. By all accounts, he did a wonderful job.

Registration of the novices was somewhat less than in previous years. However, those that had attended in previous years actually felt that this was a good thing as they got more personal attention from the instructors. There was a terrific turnout of members, however; all of them really getting into the spirit of the day’s events and being rewarded for their efforts with some terrific p.m. sailing. A reporter, Shayna Innocenti, from the local newspaper “The Sandpaper” was in attendance throughout the day and a very nice report on the FunFest was published in the following week’s edition of the newspaper.

Following registration, Jack commenced his novice windsurfing lesson. Even some of our more advanced members/attendees listened closely hoping to pick up some tips about how to teach beginners the essential skills necessary for the first steps on the water. After a short introductory lesson on dry land, the novice windsurfers were let loose on the water under the careful eyes of Jack, Bill DeS, Guy and Jeff with Alasdair and Thermal Bob helping out by holding the tethers for the boards.

When the windsurfing lessons were underway, those wishing to try out SUP (kindly provided by Terry and AnnMarie Deakyne of ISS) were given a brief introductory lesson then accompanied out on the water to try SUPing themselves. This proved to be a little bit challenging due to the morning high tide and the increasing winds which combined to produce quite choppy conditions. However, those that did manage to cope with these conditions appeared to enjoy the experience.

As noon approached, the SUP race was set up. Barb Bauer took on the role of race organizer and a course was selected to accommodate the significant southerly breeze which by this time had picked up: the first stretch upwind to a marker buoy approximately 250 yds away followed by a return downwind stretch. Following a great start, Jeff led for the entire course with Alasdair and Corinne finishing respectively in second and third positions.

SUP results

1. Jeff Bauer
2. Alasdair Gilfillan
3. Corinne Gilfillan

Following the SUP event, attendees headed to the Gazebo at the south end of the park for pizza catered by local establishment Joey’s pizza.

After lunch, as the thermal breezes were now really beginning to pick up, the windsurfers in attendance were all getting itchy to get out on the water so there was a mad rush to get the sails rigged and the boards ready for sailing. With the number of sailors attending the Funfest and with other sailors also at Brant Beach, there was a really great turnout of sailors on the water, all having a great time. As several commented during the session, it just seemed like the good old days of windsurfing were back.

Due to the nice winds out in the bay, Jack made a decision to hold his afternoon jibing clinic out on the sandbar on the bay rather than closer to shore. This made for great conditions for those taking part in the clinic to improve their technique under Jack’s watchful eyes.

The sailing went on until late afternoon. Those that did not have to return home immediately headed towards the “Thermal Café” for a post event evening of fun, food and libations.

As in previous years, the event would not have been such a success without the help of all the NJWWA volunteers especially JP. Thanks also go out to Joni Bakum for managing the park during the event and helping with publicity for the event and to Long Beach Township for allowing us to use the park and facilities. We would especially like to Terry and AnnMarie Deakyne from ISS for providing equipment used during the event.

Finally, a very special thank you must go to Jack for all his help with lessons during the day and for providing the beginner windsurfing equipment – we could not have managed so well without you!

7/14/13 - Brant Beach, NJ - Fun Fest @ Bayview Park

The New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports Association held its 5th Annual Fun Fest @ Bayview Park on Sunday, July 14, 2013. Dubbed the “Windsurfing Fun Fest”, we focused on both beginner and intermediate windsurfing instruction. It’s amazing how our yearly improvements positively affect the program. Simpler is definitely better.

The Island Surf & Sail team was there first thing in the morning, making their trailer full of SUP’s, windsurfers, and staff available to us. Jack Bushko directed the introductory windsurfing lessons, joined by a combination of Marah Shiels, Eileen Pfafman, Ally Latham, and Kay Chiang. The light SW breeze was perfect as our first wave of students hit the water. From pre-teens, to retirees, both ends of the spectrum successfully got a feel for windsurfing. The wind briefly stalled mid-morning, changing around to the SE, and steadily increasing into the afternoon. All in all, fifteen beginners took turns sharing the five beginner sailboards we had rigged up.

Mike from Island Surf & Sail supervised the stand-up paddleboard action, with Alasdair & Corinne Gilfillan, and Thermal Bob demonstrating the intricacies of SUP and kayak to all ages. Both the padded beginner boards, and the advanced Starboard paddleboards were found traversing throughout the cove. Many newcomers were still out on the water when Joey’s delivered the pizza for our own personal waterfront dining experience. Upon returning to the water after lunch, the increasing SE winds prevented additional stand-up paddleboard activities.

The highlight of the afternoon was the Intermediate Jibe Clinic. Professional instructor Jack Bushko gathered up his 10 students to demonstrate the principles of the jibe. In 10-15mph winds, it soon became a constant flow of windsurfers following each other in a big oval course. Jack evaluated and coached each windsurfer as they took turns jibing around him. If the sore hands were any indication, I’d say the clinic was a huge success. The knowledge that they gained will follow them as they progress in the sport.

As we got a chance to re-group, the NJWWA Board of Directors presented the Paul Smith Memorial Award to the stand-out member who “exhibited exceptional volunteerism and sportsmanship”, Alexandra Latham. By the end of the day, racing was far from the minds as many of the regulars headed out across the bay in search of more consistent winds. What a great day it was!

We would like to acknowledge the behind the scenes effort of Terry and AnnMarie from Island Surf & Sail, whose contributions we deeply appreciate; Bayview Park Director Joni Bakum, who served as liaison to Long Beach Township, which manages this gem of a launchsite; and Tom from Joey’s Pizza & Pasta. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a successful event.

9/2/12 - Brant Beach, NJ - Paul Smith Memorial Regatta

This past Labor Day weekend marked the 1-year anniversary of the passing of founding member Paul Smith. As family and friends planned the installation of a plaque in Bayview Park commemorating his life, this has inspired the creation of the Paul Smith Memorial Regatta. With over 40 people in attendance, family and friends shared memories reflecting his life. Following a brief ceremony, Kathryn was presented with a memorial “glass inscribed” plaque, which the NJWWA originally displayed at last years gala.

A superb luncheon was served in the pavilion, while Jack directed his beginner windsurfers to sail back and forth on the bay. With a very light ESE decreasing breeze, the celebration of Paul’s life concluded with a simultaneous Kayak/SUP/Windsurf race around the island, while Brian regaled spectators with a variety of guitar solos.

SUP Race Results:

First. Alasdair Gilfillan
Second. Jack Bushko
Third. Corinne Gilfillan

Kayak Race Results:

First. Laurie Cox
Second. Thermal Bob Kopek

Windsurfer Race Results:

First. Bill DeStefano
Second. Bill Steber
Third. Joni Bakum (honorary)


4/29/12 - Brant Beach, NJ - Annual Green Up Clean Up

As part of NJWWA’s commitment to help to protect and maintain the coastal environment, a number of our members participated in the annual Green Up/Clean Up day at various spots on the New Jersey shore as part of the Earth Day celebrations. The efforts are 100% run by volunteers and are sponsored by local businesses and organizations including NJWWA.

These events were originally scheduled to take place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of April. Unfortunately the weather did not quite cooperate this year and, although the clean up at Seaside and other spots scheduled for the Saturday were able to proceed as planned, the Clean Up day at Bayview Park scheduled for the Sunday had to be postponed to the following Sunday (29th) due to the heavy wind driven rain on the 22nd. The rescheduled date at Bayview park ended up being a beautiful cloudless day and we had a decent turnout. It was nice to see everyone again and the event ended up being as much a social gathering as a morning of work. Even some young kids intrigued by our activity volunteered to help out.

As we had so few storms this winter, there was little in the way of flotsam and jetsam to pick up, especially compared to previous years. Nevertheless, there was enough plastic, cans, bottles, deflated balloons, fishing gear, wooden beams etc to fill quite a few trash bags.

Unfortunately, as the forecast for the day did not look promising for the day with regards to the winds, most of us had not planned on sailing that day. Only Jaroslav brought his windsurfing gear with him. As it turned out the wind really picked up nicely in the afternoon producing some nice sailing conditions. Oh well –better planning next year.

More photos courtesy of Alasdair Gilfillan on Facebook


11/12/11 - Brant Beach, NJ - 3rd Annual Gala

Members and friends gathered on November 12, 2011 to celebrate the NJWWA’s third year of existence with our now-traditional end of year Gala, held for the second year running at the friendly confines of Brant Beach Yacht Club on LBI. The event also served as the final act of NJWWA President Tom Latham’s first year in office. As he has been throughout the year, Tom as was joined his wife Tracey (aka the women who does anything and everything to guarantee success for all of Tom’s endeavors, and does it with patience and good cheer). Needless to say, the energy and enthusiasm which Tom and Tracey used to make the 2011 season a success were on display on the 12th, guaranteeing that a good time was had by all.

The festivities started with appetizers and cocktails while friends reconnected and reminisced about the season’s highs and lows. After yet more food and cheer, Tom conducted the “business” portion of the meeting, with a review of 2011’s successes and a summary of the work to be done to further the NJWWA’s mission in the years to come. Sponsors were thanked, and several non-board members received appreciation plaques to acknowledge their contributions during the 2011 season. Tom, in turn, was thanked for his hard work and dedication during the year. An informal motion was made to designate Tom as President for Life, and was enthusiastically seconded by all present, including founding president, Wallace.

On display was a plaque which the NJWWA commissioned in memory of our dear friend and founding member, Paul Smith, who left us this summer and whose loss was felt by all present. Tom also announced the initiation of the Paul Smith memorial award, to be presented periodically to members (and non-members) who show extraordinary initiative and enthusiasm in assisting the NJWWA in achieving its core goal of promoting windsurfing and other watersports in New Jersey and beyond.  Regrettably, Paul was not on hand to reprise last year’s rendition of Jimmy Buffett’s “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw”. Also missing were Olga, whose evocative belly dancing was missed, along with Alasdair and Corrine, who elected to spend the week in sunny Scotland. However, the Toe Jams were back to shake the rafters with garage band renditions of favorite selections from the Ramones, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and, of course Bruuuucccce.

The Toe Jams performed two sets with a shifting retinue revolving around the core of NJWWA members Brian Rauch, Jeff and Barb Bauer (who at least one attendee dubbed the “female Keith Moon”).

The NJWWA would like to thank all members and non-members who made this season a success. Many more photos maybe found on the club's Facebook page. We, like you will be counting the minutes until the first agreeable days of Spring 2012. See you then.

4/30/11 - Brant Beach, NJ - Annual Green Up Clean Up

For the second year running, members of NJWWA took part in the annual Green Up Clean Up (GUCU) day on Long Beach Island; this year organized by Alliance for Living Ocean, an association dedicated to educating the public about environmental issues affecting the oceans and coastal areas. The GUCU on LBI is part of the Earth Day efforts and is aimed at cleaning up the beaches and coastal waterways surrounding LBI. The efforts are 100% run by volunteers and are sponsored by local businesses and organizations including NJWWA.

As was the case last year, it was a beautiful sunny day and it was a great excuse to get out in the open air. It was also great to catch up on all the news from our friends/fellow NJWWA members. Unfortunately due to a number of scheduling conflicts, the numbers of our members taking part this year was somewhat reduced. Nevertheless, those attending enthusiastically tackled the task at hand. Jack turned up early in the proceedings to video record our efforts for his online TV channel. He also helped out by taking some of the accompanying photographs.

The winter storms had been much less severe this year compared to 2010 therefore there was a significantly reduced amount of debris washed up on the beaches. Somewhat disturbing this year, however, was the presence of a number of spent shotgun cartridges and various parts of semi-mummified duck carcasses on the beach and surrounding areas. Certainly this seemed to be the antithesis of the spirit of the day. In addition, however, there was sufficient plastic, styrofoam, wooden beams, tiles, and other general trash to keep us occupied for the better part of the morning. The beach certainly looked great after our clean up. Afterwards, we were hoping to manage to get out on the water. The winds however, after starting out very promising, died off just was we were finishing. Bill D. however gamely rigged up and went out.

Video of day courtesy Jack Bushko

All in all, it was a fun morning for a good cause. Hopefully, next year we can have a greater number of our members taking part.

11/20/10 - Brant Beach, NJ - 2nd Annual NJWWA Gala

On Saturday November 20th, NJWWA held its second annual Gala event. In addition to being a social event for NJWWA, the gala served as a fundraiser for local windsurfing instructor, Jack Bushko, who needed to raise $8000 for cataract surgery. The event was well attended with between 40-45 participants.  This year, the event was held at the Brant Beach Yacht Club on Long Beach Island. Although the venue was smaller than last year's at Key Harbor Marina in Waretown, it turned out to be ideal for the evening's festivities. Indeed, the intimate nature of the room allowed for a more social ambiance. The large deck outside of the venue also provided spill over room and a beautiful view of Barnegat Bay. Although a bit on the chilly side, it was a beautiful evening and those arriving early were treated to a most spectacular sunset over the bay.


Arrangements at the venue were made by Paul and his wife who also did a great job in helping to set everything up. The event got underway on time at 5.00 P.M. Attendees brought a wide selection of appetizers, salads, and desserts. The entrees (chicken marsala, vodka rigatoni) as well as salad, vegetable and bread) were catered by Skip McArdle (609-784-6675), (a friend of Brian). The food indeed was plentiful and really excellent.

The evening's events commenced with the outgoing President, Wallace, welcoming everyone to the Gala. This was followed by drinks and a sampling of the appetizers during which time raffle tickets were sold. Musical accompaniment was provided by Paul, who played keyboards and sang an eclectic mix of music all the way from Frank Sinatra to Jimmy Buffet. Up next were Brain and Brad, both on vocals and guitars who played a more rock-orientated set; the highlight being an extended version of Neil Young's “Like a Hurricane”. Perhaps this was wishful thinking for the winds next year.

Following, these initial festivities, council elections were held, the results of which are summarized elsewhere in this newsletter. The President Elect, Tom Latham, then presented his acceptance speech during which he outlined his vision for the Club during the coming year. "Thank you" plaques were also handed out to the four current board members (Wallace, Steve, Tom, and Bill) for their service to the Club.  After these formalities were over, the merriment really got into full swing. Brian and his fellow “Rhythm Blues” band members took the stage and the audience was treated to a terrific set of electric blues during which time the various entrees and desserts were enthusiastically attacked by the attendees.

During the intermission, there was a surprise unannounced guest performer. Olga Kvitchko, who had been a standout secret performer on tambourine at last year's Gala, displayed another hidden talent, belly dancing. The audience was yet again really amazed by her hidden talent, and her performance resulted in raucous applause and chanting of “Olga, Olga, Olga”. With Paul's, Brian's and Brad's additional musical prowess, it is amazing how much talent we have in the ranks and associates of NJWWA.  Before the band took the stage again, the raffle was held for some terrific prizes including new waist and seat harnesses, harness lines, and apparel provided by our sponsors, Dakine and Sailworks.  Also, free subscriptions from another of our sponsors Windsport magazine were given away. The Blues Band closed the event with another wonderful set, winding up around 9.00 p.m. with a wild version of “Got my Mojo working” including enthusiastic audience participation.

It truly was a great evening. Of course, it could not have been such a success without the help of the individuals who really went out of their way to help and contribute to the planning and execution of the event. Special thanks however must go to Paul and Brian for planning the event, also Paul, Brad, Olga, and especially Brian for the providing the entertainment for the evening. We are especially grateful to the Rhythm Blues band for most generously donating their time and talent for the Gala. Thanks are also due to our sponsors for providing door prizes. Finally we would like to thank the various NJWWA members (and spouses) who helped with the set up and clean up.

We hope to see you all next year!!


10/17/10 - NJWWA Flip, Flop & Fly

 Brant Beach, NJ - After more than two seasons of planning, the New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports Association conducted their first pick-up regatta scheduled primarily on a predicted strong wind forecast.  The art of meteorology and building consensus amongst the very independent-minded windsurfer community proved to be no easy task.  As usual, Mother Nature very dramatically showed all of us who is in charge of the weather. However, in the final analysis, everyone had a great day sailing.

Our FF&F algorithm was a response to the desire of our members to schedule a sailing competition during winds strong enough to allow the fleet to speed through the course on a plane.  For most windsurfers, there needs to be at least a 15-18 knot (17-20 MPH) breeze to break the confines of displacement sailing and rise up on top of the water.  Once planing, a windsurfer can often exceed the actual wind speed by several knots.  For example, an 18 knot breeze can yield a board speed approaching 25-27 knots.  Indeed, some specialized sailing craft designed to break world records often more than double the speed of the wind.

Brian and Paul, our respective Event Chair and Race Committee Chair, designed a system with certain boundary rules to accomplish this task.  As with our test event conducted two weeks prior, the 30 knot maximum wind rule played a pivotal role in the planning of the day.  The event window opened up on Tuesday with the predicted nor'easter approaching New England.  Wednesday, the membership was informed via email that the potential existed for a FF&F event for the coming Saturday OR Sunday.  On Thursday, it was apparent from the computer weather models that gusting on Saturday would easily exceed 30 knots, and therefore, the event was targeted for Sunday.  Below you will see the actual iWindsurf wind graph proving this prediction.

On Friday the models were predicting that Sunday would finally conform with several of the racing rules at Bayview Park on Long Beach Island.  The forecast called for 15-20 knot westerlies with possible gusts as high as 25 knots.  The prediction actually came to be exactly true, however the timing of this narrow window eluded the racers and was enjoyed only by those wise enough to hang out after the event ended (see wind graph below).

All in all, we had a great day sailing in the 10-18 knot breeze, conducting three figure-eight slalom races. Although they were sub-planing conditions, everyone enjoyed the challenge and camaraderie.

Men's Division:
1st Place  - Tom Latham
2nd Place - Wallace DaPron
3rd Place  - Alasdair Gilfillan

Women's Division:
1st Place  - Eleni Vittas
2nd Place - Eileen Pfafman
3rd Place  - Barb Bauer

Going forward, the NJWWA will endeavor to create a more automated system based on the lessons learned from the first two attempts, so stay tuned to you email box for the next FFF Alert!  Below is the final alert emailed Saturday afternoon for your review.

This is a Level V Flip Flop Fly alert

The first official Flip Flop Fly event has been green lighted for this Sunday. The Race Committee has moved registration later in the morning between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm to allow for warmer temps and higher winds. The plan is to conduct a series of short races in the cove of Bayview Park. We will use a point scoring system to determine a men's and women's winner based on the cumulation of points. Winners each receive a one-year subscription to ($120 value). All proceeds to benefit the Farrah Hall (USA 3) Olympic Campaign. Farrah is the top-ranked US Women's windsurfer from Annapolis, MD

Code Level: GREEN
Event Date: Sunday 10/17
Wind forecast: West 15-20 kts (gusting to 25 kts)
Weather: Sunny 69° - water temp 65° (full wetsuit required)
Location: Bayview Park, LBI 
Time: 11:00 am -12:00 pm registration
Cost: $10 cash payable at registration



10/3/10 - Bayville, NJ - NJWWA Tests Flip, Flop & Fly Event

One of the New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports Association's goals for 2010 was to organize spontaneous windsurfing races based on a strong wind forecast being predicted.  In keeping with this, the Board of Directors went into full planning mode this past Saturday, when a notorious Nor'easter popped up on the forecast radar.  A Race Committee was quickly formed with Jeff leading the charge followed by Tom, Brian, Bill and Wallace.

With the forecast calling for 28-31 knots, it was decided to stage the event at one of the best sailing sites in New Jersey, Berkley Island County Park (better known as Trixie's for the local Marina at the site).  The notice went out late Saturday night and the whole Board was amazed at the turn out from our members less than twelve hours later.  With most arriving just before noon, the hardy group of about 25 sailors were greeted to cloudy, yet rain free, 25-30 knot conditions and four foot rollers marching down the bay from the northern inlet.

With the wind gusts peaking in the 35 knot range, the Race Committee erred on the side of caution and deemed the conditions too windy to conduct any formal races.  In actuality, none of us were brave enough to sail the club's anchor and racing marker buoy into position.  Despite this however, it was a great event with more windsurfers hootin' and hollering across the bay than could be recalled since the "old days".  Also, important lessons were learned for the planning and execution of our next event hopefully sometime in the near future.  So stay tuned for the next FF&F Alert in your mailbox.


4/24/10 - Brant Beach, NJ Earth Day Beach Sweep

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day. As part of NJWWA’s commitment to working to protect our water rights, our volunteer members took part in the annual "Green Up Clean Up" day held up and down the shores of Long Beach Island (LBI). This event was sponsored by the LBI Business Alliance and other groups including NJWWA. For many of us, this was the first time we had met since last year, so it was great to see everyone again and to catch up on all the various news.

Our contribution was to clean up the north and south beach areas at Bayview Park, a popular sailing spot in LBI. We all met at 9 a.m. at the park and, after donning our official GUCU T shirts, and getting fortified for the day with donuts kindly provided by Paul Smith, we split into two groups to tackle the two beach areas as well as the children's playground and parking lot.

It was a nice sunny day, so this made the clean up really quite enjoyable.  It became apparent that the seemingly endless winter storms this year had washed quite a lot of debris onto the beach areas.  Over the course of several hours, NJWWA members bagged hundreds of pounds of trash including the usual suspects such as glass, cans, Styrofoam, bottles and bags.  Also a substantial amount of wooden construction material (estimated at 600-700lbs) was washed up by the harsh winter storms.

At the end of the morning, an impromptu interview was held during which Joni interviewed Wallace about NJWWA’s involvement in the day’s activities. This interview is available for viewing on YouTube at .

We hope that the newly spruced up park will entice everyone to start dusting off their various watersports gear for the season and head down to the shore. The water is getting warmer and a number of us have already been out, so, we look forward to see you all there soon.

3/24/10 - USWA Veteran Joins the NJWWA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has unanimously voted to install Tom Latham as NJWWA's new Secretary.  In his acceptance speech Tom stated, "I'm glad to be a part of the NJWWA. I look forward to reporting to our members, and helping to steer the club in the right direction."  We now have a complete slate of Directors and are very excited to learn from Tom's past NJWA Club experience, as well as, his extensive USWA regatta racing knowledge.  Please join us in welcoming Tom aboard!


Tom Latham


3/8/2010 - Earth Day "Green Up Clean Up" on April 24th

The Second Annual Earth Day Long Beach Island "Green Up Clean Up" will be held on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  The NJWWA Board of Directors and our volunteer members will meet in Bayview Park, Brant Beach at 9:00am to sweep the Park of trash and debris.  More information and details to come so, please check in for updates at LBI Business Alliance.

12/16/2009 - Board Meeting - NJWWA Member Survey

The results of our 2009 Member Survey are in and were discussed in great detail during our Board of Directors Conference Call on Wednesday. We had a tremendous response rate with over two-thirds of the membership taking the time to complete it. Now armed with the honest opinions and desires of our membership, the Club's leadership is fully prepared to make our second year even more successful at meeting the needs of all our members. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone who took the Survey.

As we head into our second year, we would like to remind everyone that our Board positions all carry a two year term of service. So if you are thinking of taking a more active role in the direction of the club, please let the board know and we will certainly include you in our general board discussion throughout the year. We do technically have an open board seat for Secretary now that Paul has assumed the Race Committee Chair position. So please don't hesitate to step up and volunteer for this important role as third-in-command of the Association.

We wish you happy holidays and a safe, prosperous new year!

8/7/2009 - World Windsurfing Day set to August 16th

Paul Smith - Race Committee Chair - On August 16th, 2009 the World is invited to share the magic of windsurfing with their friends and family. A concept that has been started by the innovators at Starboard; ‘World Windsurfing Day" is designed to introduce new blood to the sport.

This year, the program is intended to be a small-scale event. The concept is based on the fact that most windsurfers in the world are introduced to the sport by their family, and without that critical first introduction many people would not have started.

Starboard’s Brand Manager Tiesda explains:

“More than 80% of active windsurfers today are windsurfing because their dad or a friend taught them. Growing windsurfing is as simple as that. So on the 16th of August, we’d like to invite the hundreds of thousands of windsurfers the world over to introduce windsurfing to friends and family. It’s simple virus theory: one cell becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight, and so on. It really is up to us to introduce windsurfing to those around us, and this is what WWD is all about”

“Windsurfers the world over are invited to head down the beach and introduce a friend or two to windsurfing. Your best mate, your girlfriend, your son, your daughter, your grandpa or your pet – share windsurfing with them on WWD 2009.”

8/4/2009 - First Steps Taken with New Race Program

Working toward fulfilling Section ii. of the club's charter, the board has promoted our Secretary Paul Smith to Race Committee Chair.  Paul did a tremendous job from planning to organization to execution of our "Race Across the Bay" event on August 1. With our first Race successfully under his belt, Paul intends on taking our Race Program even further towards full-fledged USWA sanctioned Regattas in the future.  Paul will be fulfilling both board positions until a new Secretary can be installed, so please contact us with your nominations or pledges to volunteer.

Paul Smith - Race Committee Chair

6/20/2009 - New Board Position Created

During our Second Board meeting held at Lakes Bay, the new position of Membership Chair was instituted primarily to lead our membership recruitment activities.  As a member-based recreational club, we rely almost solely on membership dues for our operating expenses.  Although our operations are fully funded for the 2009 calendar year, we are in need of additional capital for future initiatives.  Our Secretary Jeff Bauer has accepted the challenge to head up the new position and NJWWA member Paul Smith has graciously taken over for Jeff.  One of our members has generously donated $100.00 and existing members can also help by purchasing T-Shirts and decals from our web store with each item netting $10.00 for our club.  Stayed tuned for our full Board report!

6/5/2009 - NJWWA highlighted in USWA Newsletter

US Windsurfing  Association

Click here for the USWA June Newsletter

Penned by one of our founding members, Alasdair Gilfillan, the article titled "East Coast Update:  New Jersey Windsurfers Fight for Water Access" provides a great overview of our Bayview Park Access Initiative.  It also includes a rendition of our Logo and a picture of NJWWA member Bill Steber speeding across the bay!  A big thanks to Jim McGrath USWA President and Scotia Bauer USWA Executive Director for their support of our organization.


5/29/2009 - NJWWA Logo Final Design Adopted

Logo Decal

During the New Jersey Windsurfing Association's first meeting of 2009 recently, it was decided to change the charter of the organization to include all non-motorized watersports; Kiteboarding, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling (SUP), Sunfish Class, etc.

The membership has since been working hard on redesigning our logo and we finally have come up with the final design.  All existing members will soon receive a newly minted 4" round vinyl decal suitable for application to sail panel, board, hull, car bumper, or any other place to show off their dedication to their sport.

Now, new members upon payment of dues will receive a club welcome letter and logo decal via US mail.  Also, existing members who wish to have additional decals may purchase them on our website store for $10 with the proceeds going to support our causes.

See you on the water!


4/26/2009 - New NJWWA Website Launched

NJWWA Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website  We are asking for current members and prospective members alike to offer suggestions for articles, pictures, videos, links, etc. by emailing your ideas or files to  Let us know what you would like to see offered for sale with the NJWWA logo, such as t-shirts, flags, sunvisors.

We are also offering a free Lifetime Membership to anyone who brings on a Corporate Sponsor!  Corporate Sponsors can have their web banner ads displayed on our homepage, as well as, a link to their website listed on our links page.  Contact us at for more information.

See you on the water!






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