The New Jersey Windsurfing & Watersports Association is a 501(c)7 Recreational Club non-profit organization.  The Association is run totally by boardheads, for boardheads. The Board of Directors, who tirelessly give their time, would much rather be sailing than worrying about mailing lists, newsletters, and account balances. It is very unusual for Board of Directors to show up at an evening board meeting with dry hair because they’re always shredding up to the last minute before.

  The current aims of the club are to:

  1. Promote the sport of Windsurfing & other non-motorized watersports such as Kitesurfing, Kayaking, and Stand Up Paddling through demos, clinics, publically announced events, sponsored lessons, and by encouraging kids into the sports.
  2. Stage fun windsurfing/kitesurfing/paddling events such as inter- and intra-club challenges (competitive and non-competitive).
  3. Protect our water access rights.
  4. Maintain the www.windsurfnj.org web, to provide an avenue for disseminating information of interest to sailors who do, and potentially would, sail in New Jersey.
  5. Provide a forum associated with the website for discussions of current and future issues.
  6. Provide a Quarterly newsletter either electronic or hard copies.

Windsurfing New Jersey

Board of Directors:

President- Jeffrey Bauer

Vice President- Allen Schultz

Secretary- Jean Luc Peyrot

Treasurer- William DeStefano

LBI Event Chair- Jacek Polubiec

Lakes Bay Event Chair- Brian Rauch

Sandy Hook Event Chair- Marah Shiels

Barnegat Event Chair-Antoni Dabrowski

Membership Chair- Eileen Pfafman

Board of Trustees:

Alasdair Gilfillan – Founder

Wallace DaPron – President & Founder

Thomas Latham – Founder

Brian Rauch – Founder

Paul Smith – Founder