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Antoine Albeau crowned 2017 IFCA European Slalom

Antoine Albeau has been crowned the 2017 IFCA European Slalom champion, at La Tranche Sur Mer, in France.
After three days of waiting, the IFCA European Championships finally got underway in 11-to-14 knots of thermal wind, and the men's fleet was able to race for the title."I knew I had a good speed with on my big gear. But if you have a bad start or arrive late at the first mark, it just gets hard to fight back, even if you are faster," explained Albeau.

Michael Rossmeier releasesTricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible

This is the moment all windsurfers were waiting for. The "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible" is out now, and it is gorgeous. Windsurf books are rare these days, but sometimes we get surprised by an incredibly good title. And this is one of the best book featuring windsurfing in a long time. Michael Rossmeier is the author of the popular Tricktionary book series. He has been windsurfing since 1993, first as a professional athlete and later as a coach, so he knows how to pour his experience into a useful guide.

Speed windsurfing world champions crowned in Fuerteventura

Twan Verseput and Zara Davis are the 2017 speed windsurfing world champions.The Dutch and the British windsurfers claimed the 2017 ISWC Speed World Championship, held in conjunction with Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge, in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Verseput, 24, was able to sail faster than the organizer in the majority of the races and raised the title in the windy beach of Matas Blancas.

JP Australia presents the HydroFoil range

The world of windsurfing is quickly moving toward foiling, and JP Australia is already releasing two specific board shapes.Jason Polakow is a man ahead of his time, and his brand has always been associated with cutting edge technology and design that fits the needs of windsurfers. JP Australia head shaper, Werner Gnigler, is a man with a lot of experience when it comes to developing gear for freestyle, freeride, wave, and race.

Julien Quentel wins the 2017 Défi Wind Caribbean

Julien Quentel and Maëlle Guilbaud have taken out the 2017 Défi Wind Caribbean, in Bonaire.
The event opened with winds in the 25-knot range. A total of 45 windsurfers completed three 20-kilometer races in the flat and blue Caribbean waters along Te Amo beach, from the airport to the marina. The second edition of the Défi Wind Caribbean was blessed by the local weather conditions. Bonaire is located 40 miles aways from Venezuela and offers consistent trade winds all year-round.

What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a water sport that combines characteristics of both sailing and surfing. The windsurfer uses the wind to propel a board forward under his feet and skim across the water. For many, windsurfing is sailing in its elementary and most enjoyable form - a flexible triangle-shaped sail mounted on a board.
The 20th-century recreational activity has its origins in the Polynesian water crafts. Fishermen and sailors used a small sailing boat and sail to navigate the Pacific Ocean water in an upright position.

How to handle lulls and gusts in windsurfing

High wind and no-wind conditions are common in windsurfing. Learn how to cope with the extremes. It happens all the time. Whether you're a recreational windsurfer or an accomplished competitor, sooner or later the wind will always play a trick on you. In other words, it's never good to be underpowered and overpowered. It leads to frustration, fatigue, and sometimes injuries and dangerous situations.

Boujmaa Guilloul conquers the 2017 Pistol River Wave Bash

Boujmaa Guilloul has taken out the 2017 Pistol River Wave Bash, at Gold Beach, in Oregon. The event got underway for the eighth consecutive year and, fortunately, there was enough wind and waves to crown champions across five divisions. In the women's competition, Canadian windsurfer Jennifer Carlisle traveled 1,000 kilometers from Vancouver to steal the show. She got the biggest waves and applied critical turns that earned her the trophy.

Badloe and Freitas win the 2017 Sailing World Cup Series

Kiran Badloe and Patricia Freitas claimed the RS:X titles at the Sailing World Cup Series final, in Santander, Spain. The 2017 World Cup Series is over. After winning three regattas in a row, Badloe reached the medal race with a comfortable 16-point advantage over his direct opponent Louis Giard. "I was either going to sail my own race and go for the win or cover the French guy. I had a pretty bad start, so I had to tack off, but from there I sailed my race which enabled me to be at the top of the fleet," explained Kiran Badloe.

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